Link Roundup: Decor

The Ikea Vittsjo Five Ways – The Expedit has been hacked five ways from Sunday, but what if you want something less geometric and more light industrial? Enter the Vittsjo

I would love to live here – The bay window! I die. Everything is so light and bright and clean-lined, I love it. I try and aim toward something like with my own place, but I am a little more playful with patterns, I think. (I also have cat toys strewn everywhere, courtesy of a certain feline)

Monday’s Pets on Furniture – in general has a lot of the clean-lined modern look I like (though sometimes they veer a little to minimal for my taste), but so does Apartment Therapy. I keep coming back to for the pics of the cuties every Monday. As every pet owner knows, if the pets want on, they will get on.

Design Seeds – My username, “entropyenator”, is an inside joke with anyone who knows me. I am probably one of the least spontaneous or chaotic people on the planet. So I would have loved this site when I finally had a place to call my own (though, admittedly, I suppose I did ok without it). Design Seeds creates color schemes inspired by just about anything in the world and a great starting off point.

DIY: Sample Sale Trophy

Pink skirt processed

Sample sale stores are one of the best things about New York.  I picked up this knee-length, tapered skirt for $20.  Good quality fabric, shantung or something similar.  Yes, something was wrong with it–they cut the inner lining (impressed that it had one) too long, so it’d show beneath the hem if you sat down.  And that lining was an awful neon pink.  But that took ten minutes and some needle and thread to fix; I do not consider myself a seamstress by any means, but it’s the inner lining.  Nobody’s going to see it.  And voila, I have a gorgeous tulip-pink skirt for the spring.