Barcelona: Not part of the MBA trip but fun anyway

We went to Barcelona after Israel–not part of the MBA trip, but who knows when I will get overseas again? Barcelona is a beautiful city and I wish we had more time there…hard to get sick of Sangrias and Sun!


Food: Orecchiette with Tomato and Cockle Sauce

Orecchiette with tomato cockle sauce

Orecchiette with tomato cockle sauce

Sauce (all measurements eyeballed):

  • Half a tin of cockles in brine
  • Two shakes Spanish smoked paprika
  • Black pepper
  • 2 Tsp Red wine vinegar

1. Heat tomato and garlic paste in pan drippings till slightly runny.  Add garum colatura and stir to dissolve pastes. Add cockle brine, ground black pepper, smoked paprika and simmer.

2. Boil salted water and add pasta.  Cook till al dente.

3. Add red wine vinegar and let reduce for a few minutes.  Then add cockles, stir a few times, and add pasta.  Stir till pasta is fully cooked and then eat.