DIY Litter Box: Part 1

(Readers grossed out by animal functions look elsewhere)

My cat, though I love his cutesy wutesy fuzzy face dearly, has a habit of “elevator peeing.” This tremendously irritating phenomenon consists of him making it to the kitty loo, squatting down all proper, starting the stream, and then…the furry butt slowly but surely starts to rise in the air and paint his name on the wall. But, since he can’t spell, this just results in a reeking splash of yellow everywhere.

I’ve talked to a number of vets about it and they said that since his innards appear perfectly fine and he has been doing this since he was small, there is nothing wrong with him. He is an only cat and has been fixed, so it isn’t territorial. It’s never done with malice (he could be cuddling with me and purring incessantly and then hop off to spray on the wall). I also clean the litter box at least once a day and dump the sand to wash the inside on a regular basis. So apparently he is just a cat that pees like that (though if your cat normally makes a tidy puddle properly downward and then starts spraying like a maniac, see a vet pronto).

He doesn’t do it every time, but enough that I’ve had to go all MacGyver and fashion a kitty pee station complete with protective plastic and aluminum pee shields. And even that doesn’t always work.

          I finally threw in the towel and looked for a new litter box but the thing is I just want one with high sides. I don’t want a covered one, because all the litter dust makes him and me sneeze and probably isn’t very good for respiratory health. Also, he’s only ever had open litter boxes.
          There is only one I found that looks perfect from Modko but it also costs a stupid amount of money. $120? Sorry, I love ya, but I ain’t dropping that much cash on a kitty toilet. I dunno if I could even spend that much on a human toilet (yes, I’m…frugal).
          Thankfully I’m not the only one with this problem. There are plenty of posts on the subject of DIY Litter boxes on the internet, but I found this one the most helpful. Stay tuned for my next post to see how I gave it a shot.

Roadtrip: The House of Seven Gables, Salem, Massachusetts

The House of Seven Gables.  Nathaniel Hawthorne was one of the few “classics” I enjoyed reading in high school; his work had a thread of sardonic humor that teenage me appreciated, although wading through the morality lessons was still a pain.  So we stopped by–cheap admission, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic docents, and plenty of Gothic touches.  The cat (“Pete”) is for a certain person who takes kitty photos wherever she goes.