Things That Made Me Happy This Week

On occasion I go through phases when my perk needs some work, my chin is not up but down, and the cheer is just not there. When that happens, the little things mean a lot. Here are some things that made me happy this week:

Cat Fashion – For their April Fool’s Joke, Eide, an online fashion mag, devoted an entire issue to cats, interviews and famous kitty “where are they now?” and all. Cats of the world of course wonder why they would do it as only a joke. Their greatness deserves to be publicized at every turn.

Apartment Therapy Totoro Roundup – I love Miyazaki anything but Totoro has a special place. I already have a small Totoro plushie, but I would LOVE a Totoro bed. Or Totoro slumber poufs!

Cookie in a Cup – I used to drive justtwomorethings nuts when I went through a craze of making brownie-in-a-cup almost every night because I was too lazy to bake a whole pan. I still do make them from time to time, but would really like to give this recipe a try.

Kitchen Library Island I want one! Being as I am still somewhat resistant to the e-reader revolution, I never seem to have enough space for books, so this would be fantastic.


Roadtrip: Boston, Massachusetts

Despite the slightly crummy weather, we had a lovely time strolling around.  Half the Freedom Trail, poking our heads into the places where the founders of this nation began the story of America, through the North End and into the currently-hip South End for a look at present-day culture.  Fun, meditative, educational, and peaceful by turns.  We left April 14.

I had an internal debate about whether or not to finish putting up my photos, but you know, this is how the world was, how I like to believe the world truly is, and how I hope the world will be.  So these are the last of them.