May Flowers bring…More Flowers?

My backyard is pretty awesome–save for all the mosquitos who are treating me like a buffet these days. I posted some pics of the pretty blooms here, but here’s some more.

I don’t know what this tree is, but the flowers smell heavenly. Sort of a rich, sweet vanilla-y perfume that gets blown around the entire yard. The flowers–mostly white, but with fine streaks of purple in the center–are rather heavy and prone to being swept off in a light breeze.

Aviary Photo_130171947385526239

My little flower patch under my front window is also doing pretty well, though I did lose two plants to the invading army of weeds. It’s a constant battle to balance the nice way they fill in the blank spots with green while also not letting them gets so overgrown they choke out the plants.


And finally a pic of the kitty. I pay extra in rent so my neighbor does all the mowing, but he got lazy last month and let the grass get ridiculous. Mango had a ball pretending he was a mini tiger in the jungle.


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