The Continuing Adventures of Mango the Hunter

If I ever move out of Michigan, I think that Mango is going to be very disappointed if the new place doesn’t have as much wildlife. I mentioned before his attempt to bring home a mouse and a chipmunk, but since then he’s also brought in a very large dragonfly and, yesterday, a grasshopper. I didn’t get a picture of the dragonfly, but I did manage a couple of the grasshopper.

Dammit, kitty… both bugs I rescued and let back outside, but I wasn’t quite quick enough with the grasshopper. It was still alive and hopping gamely away, but Mango ripped off and freaking ate one of its back legs. This is actually the second grasshopper Mango has captured, and the first was eaten completely, so I guess you might call this one lucky. Maybe.


4 thoughts on “The Continuing Adventures of Mango the Hunter

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  2. Nothing can compare to a live toy…YY has been playing with little bugs outside, I don’t think she has eaten any yet but she sure got a lot of exercise out of it.

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