Urban Fauna

Turkeys in the 'burbs

Turkeys in the ‘burbs

I was in Boston for a day trip and, in keeping with the season, we came across turkeys.  Turkeys.  Not downtown downtown Boston, but only a couple minutes away from South Station.

There were two of them, but one ran off out of frame of the camera.  You can still see from this one that they were wild turkeys, since the breast isn’t gigantic and touching the ground, and they proved it by flying.  I have to say, turkeys don’t really “gobble” so much as make weird gobbly hooting noises.  And they’re pretty big with the feathers on.  These could’ve easily looked over the front of the car and stared at you through the windshield.



5 thoughts on “Urban Fauna

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  2. Hah! See what you have been missing in the big city? Here, people at work complain about the turkeys since they are really really stupid and often cross the road for no reason. There’s a little pod? herd? flock? that makes its home wandering around the thicket near my old apartment and sometimes walk around the buildings. And yes, they would totally stomp the kitties. These are BIG birds.

  3. I wonder if the two cats (Mango and Mia) would consider chasing after a wild turkey if they come across one? After all, a turkey is a bird even if it’s gigantic…

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