Post-Thanksgiving Haze

As usual, Thanksgiving feast was so delicious that I forgot to photograph it in the middle of first stuffing my face and then falling into a food coma.  However, I did remember to take pictures of the holiday decorations we put up afterwards (our family is a staunch believer in keeping Christmas boxed until at least the day after Thanksgiving.  The tree:

Christmas tree

Christmas tree

And, since it’s our family, extra stockings for the cats.  Plural.  This photo shows one stocking.  For one cat.  There’s a second (not shown).  For the other cat.  They don’t share.

Cat stocking processed

Admittedly, I did bring something home for the cats myself, though it was as much science experiment as indulgence.  It’s a little stuffed toy chipmunk that raises its head and wiggles its butt when you press down on its back.  As a dedicated reader/mocker of entropyenator’s travails with her adorable little serial killer of even smaller animals, I was curious as to whether the toy would trigger any instincts (in Mango or in the other family furball, Mia, who is has been known to snag a big bug or two).  Sadly, nothing past a careful paw-poke and some wary circling of the little chipmunk.

Family cat staredown

Family cat staredown


2 thoughts on “Post-Thanksgiving Haze

  1. Mia and Mango are very disappointed with you. They feel they most certainly deserve their own stockings for putting up with the humans all year–especially given the rude way they were snatched up for the family photo.

    Also, I have actually found the chipmunk randomly on the floor away from where I left it, so maybe Mango does play with it when I’m not looking…

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