Rhode Island Flower Show 2014

Lately the weather’s been nothing but snow, snow, and snow, with the occasional slightly warmer day so the snow can melt and then freeze into treacherous road ice overnight.  To cheer up a bit, I bought myself a ticket to the Rhode Island Flower Show in Providence, figuring that at least I could get some new flowers (I had to junk a couple in the move last fall).

I was…underwhelmed by the show.  The “vintage” theme seemed to be an excuse to combine the show with vintage autos and broaden the appeal, but I’m not a vintage auto type.  As for the flowers, since the show was held in a convention center, you ended up walking around in a large room between piles of mulch on concrete, with poor overhead lights.  Some of the poor plants were wilting as you watched, and the lack of ventilation meant that the smell was–odd and definitely unappealing.  And the displays had a very unironic 1950s take on “vintage,” complete with some faceless mannequins necking in the back of an auto in one display (which I did not photograph because it gave off a creepy voyeuristic/night of the living mannequins vibe, and I don’t need that living on my phone for even a couple minutes).  Still, there were a couple neat bits.  Also, live chickens:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The show also had an interesting section devoted to incorporating flowers into art, although its decidedly abstract tone clashed with the overall 1920s/1950s vibe.

Lastly, the market stalls were weird (five different dip mix hawkers) to sad (only three to four garden stalls in the whole thing, with little more than pansies and African violets).  I suppose my flowers will have to wait till actual spring.


2 thoughts on “Rhode Island Flower Show 2014

    • Yeah, I thought it was great, but after going to it, maybe it would’ve been more showy if they’d held it later in the year.

      The chickens were in a display geared towards kids. People were saying there was a rabbit around too, but I didn’t see it. You could also pet a chicken if you wanted, but I thought it looked like it was eyeballing people to peck.

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