The Lego Movie

There’s always a moment in kid films where they have to get the moral of the story across in a big, Meaningful speech, which justifies the entertainment while being stilted and completely boring for anyone old enough to actually think about it.  And The Lego Movie’s got one of those.  It’s eye-rolling.

Except then they cut to this no-dialogue scene where you’re just watching the character move around and look and think, and you see the change of mind happening, and that’s the actual climax of the film.  You still have the speech to clunk it all out, but the real emotional shift happens without words.  And that is surprisingly mature and thoughtful.  I don’t think this is a classic like Toy Story, simply because too much of the plot is specific to the characteristics of Legos and so it’s missing that universality, but it’s certainly several cuts above most kid-oriented movies, and it’s slightly more than its commercially-oriented origins (and let’s face it, primary motivations) should have made it.

Oh, and yeah, the detail of this movie?  Is amaaaazing.  I want to go back and freeze-frame every scene so I can pick out all the little itty bitty anal-retentively creative Lego set dress.