New Basket Chest/Dresser/Thing

Aviary Photo_130404348611535319

…or whatever you call it.

I went home last week to celebrate our dad’s birthday (somewhat belatedly, since I had MBA class on his actual birthday). There’s a consignment store in our hometown that opened a few years ago and has been doing very well since (undoubtedly helped by the recession). Some of my favorite stores are TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, and Home 2 Home is similar–replace clothes with gently used furniture, often very nice furniture, and you can experience the same treasure hunting rush.

This time I picked up this basket chest/dresser/thing. I originally meant to use it as a TV stand–the melon has a distressing habit of playing with my Blu-Ray player since he learned it is touch sensitive, so I figured the baskets would help keep those naughty paws out. Only it turned out to be too tall, so I just have it sitting in my living room until I figure out where else to to put it. The melon likes it–he perches on it while I watch Too Cute! on Netflix (and yes, justtwomorethings, I squee-ed uncontrollably through the whole show).

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