Hong Kong: Avenue of Stars

After graduation, I felt I deserved to blow a little cash and go on a big trip. Since justtwomorethings was on Hong Kong and our dad thought it time to visit his family in Malaysia, we decided to combine the two. But due to smoke in one of the control towers in O’Hare, dad and I missed our connecting flight in Narita and met justtwomorethings a day later than planned in Hong Kong. So we barely got to do anything on my list of things I wanted to see. Oh well, good excuse to go back, right?
          What I did insist we do was visit the Avenue of Stars. We went there the day after dinner at Hutong Restaurant. Movies in general but Hong Kong cinema in particular is a soft spot for our family; some of my fondest memories are watching Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Andy Lau, Stephen Chow, Bruce Lee and all the others on the couch with my dad. The Avenue of Stars is Hong Kong’s answer to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
          The Avenue of Stars is a paved walkway right at the water’s edge, so you get a great, completely uninterrupted view of the Hong Kong skyline. The only problem was it was just so damned hot and sunny, that we almost melted making our way down the promenade. Eventually we gave up oo’ing and aw’ing over over all the handprints. I quickly snapped pictures of all the stars I knew, and we hurried over to the lifesize Bruce Lee statue for a photo before fleeing to blessed air conditioning.

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