Kuala Lumpur: Desserts!

After Hong Kong, we headed for Malaysia to visit our father’s side of the family.  First stop: Kuala Lumpur.

It was really, really hot and humid.  Like, beyond steam bath.  Like, you’re aware at all times that the human body is majority water and really, only a thin layer of cells distinguishes you from a puddle.  What made it better was the desserts, particularly the ice kechang.  Basically, this is shaved ice–actually shaved, paper-thin curls as opposed to the crushed and/or flaked ice that passes for it in the West–topped with at least five different things that range from syrups to fruit to jellies to tapioca pearls to sweet corn.  And giant mounds of it, too.  If it was smaller than your head, you weren’t getting your money’s worth.

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