Kuala Lumpur: Utama Mall

As we have said before, Malaysia is hot. So the natives tend to do one of the following: eat ice cachang, camp out in front of the a/c, or…go to the mall.

Utama mall in Kuala Lumpur is enormous. I’ve been to the Mall of America a couple of times, but the scale of this place puts that to shame. I mean, the entire floor of one wing is a movie theater. Dad, justtwomorethings and I went there one day–after dragging me away from the pet shop at one  of the entrances (they had kitties and a sugar glider, ok?)–to walk around.

Aviary Photo_130479551240211297

The problem was, due to Malaysia’s continued economic development, a lot of trade happens with the Western Hemisphere. And all that trade brings all the Western brands, which there is a growing demand for in Asia. However, since we all come from the Western Hemisphere, this rendered most of the mall depressingly similar to what we could have gotten back home, size aside.

Dad, admiring a bank of Samsung Curved TVs

Dad, admiring a bank of Samsung Curved TVs

However, there was an interesting little nature exhibit in the middle of the place. It was nice to see an attempt to recognize nature in the rampant stampede toward progress.

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