The only thing good about cold…

…is the added incentive for kitties to snuggle up against the nearest warm body.

It’s actually getting a bit warmer over the next couple days, but the reprieve is shortlived–they are already using the dread words “polar vortex” to describe temps this winter. But when a warm, fuzzy body comes to snuggle next to you (sometimes even wiggling under the blanket), settles himself, and then lets out contented little snores…it’s not so bad.

Ah, Construction

As someone who’s spent plenty of time in Middle America, I’m very used to the endless rhythms of road construction.  Or, rather, the endless lack of rhythm in road construction, as those piles of dirt and orange cones hang around for years and years without any perceptible change.  You learn to ignore it and it becomes background, except that around fall/winter it sort of comes up again because all the pretty, distracting foliage is gone and the outdoor work winds up and you realize you’re going to be stuck with this for yet another year.

So I applaud whoever had a little fun here.  Might as well make friends with the blight.

Your friendly neighborhood WIP spot

Your friendly neighborhood WIP spot

New York Kitties!

Like Justtwomorethings said, she came to visit me last weekend. Aside from Sleepy Hollow, we also spent some time in NYC. While Justtwomorethings got a haircut, I wandered around. And found…kitties!

(I really don’t know why she was so surprised. People ought to expect this from me by now)

The first kitty was a pretty little tortie. It was a tiny thing between kitten and adulthood, and clearly on a mission–it trotted up to us, fuzzed my hand, and then darted off in search of food, playthings, or both too quickly for me to snap a pic.

The next one was more accommodating. A spice shop near the hair salon had a handsome cow-spotted male (appropriately named Myrrh) sitting in the window. He took some time out from his staring contest with the dog outside to love on me a bit.

The final one wasn’t nearly so friendly, but just as handsome. His name was Oreo and he lived in community garden a couple blocks over. Oreo was profoundly unhappy that day because his favorite gardener hadn’t come because she was recuperating from a fall. In typical kitty fashion, he proclaimed his frustration loudly. Still cute though.

New York: Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Fall’s become an increasingly frenzied time of the year for me and entropyenator, both on a general level (I swear, Christmas stuff up before Halloween) and on a personal level.  So on my latest visit, we opted for a nice, low-key, low-impact jaunt up to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, setting of the TV show she likes, and burial place of an author of whose work I have very fond memories.  It’s a very densely-packed patch of ground, but the hilly landscaping and gorgeously flaming fall foliage do a lot to break up the tombstone clusters into manageable chunks.  And on a bright autumn day, with a crisp breeze, it’s a beautifully peaceful stroll.  There’s a walking tour, and a stand with free maps at the entrance, but otherwise it’s just another resting place for the dead.  I was pleased to see that they’ve resisted the urge to plaster the place with Sleepy Hollow/Washington Irving branding.

No comments on what it looks like at night.  Halloween’s been and gone, so not the season for a scare, as far as we were concerned.