New York Kitties!

Like Justtwomorethings said, she came to visit me last weekend. Aside from Sleepy Hollow, we also spent some time in NYC. While Justtwomorethings got a haircut, I wandered around. And found…kitties!

(I really don’t know why she was so surprised. People ought to expect this from me by now)

The first kitty was a pretty little tortie. It was a tiny thing between kitten and adulthood, and clearly on a mission–it trotted up to us, fuzzed my hand, and then darted off in search of food, playthings, or both too quickly for me to snap a pic.

The next one was more accommodating. A spice shop near the hair salon had a handsome cow-spotted male (appropriately named Myrrh) sitting in the window. He took some time out from his staring contest with the dog outside to love on me a bit.

The final one wasn’t nearly so friendly, but just as handsome. His name was Oreo and he lived in community garden a couple blocks over. Oreo was profoundly unhappy that day because his favorite gardener hadn’t come because she was recuperating from a fall. In typical kitty fashion, he proclaimed his frustration loudly. Still cute though.


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