Providence: Arcade Shops

So, yesterday I had an unsuccessful trip to Boston in search of holiday markets.  Part of the failure was due to scheduling issues that delayed me till the market was closed (but really, what weekend market closes at 3:30?), but part of it was definitely a lack of motivation to hurry around once I got out into the dreary, rainy, cold day.  Ugh.  Even a wool coat and waterproof boots can’t make that inviting.

Today was sunny, but super chilly, which was equally effective at sapping my gift-searching strength.  Days like today, I think wistfully of the one winter I spent in Geneva, Switzerland, where the local businesses (including yes, the banks) all put out a giant round barrel of mulled cider or wine, allowing you to hopscotch your way through town with a perpetual steaming cuppa.  Providence doesn’t have that, sadly.

What Providence does have is a covered arcade, so all the sunlight streams in through the glassed ceiling, but all the cold stays out.  If only the arcade was longer.

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