Snow Day

This is what I woke up to:

And it’s only gone downhill from there.  I can hear the building maintenance workers shoveling the sidewalk every hour or so, but it’s not like you can tell. *snuggles back in bed*

2015 Winter Storm Juno

Image from weather report on

It’s not like I’ve never dealt with snowstorms before–I spent most of the last 8 years in Michigan, so I know snow and I know snow. I mean, I even have different coats, boots and gloves depending what kind of winter I’m dealing with (cold, windy, snowy, or all three).

But for some reason, my first blizzard on the east coast seems so much more…intense. Maybe because the population is so much denser over here? My work starts sending warnings about early closure/full on closure the early the night before, snow and blizzard specific ads started playing over the TV and radio this weekend, and I just saw on the news that it is considered a crime to be on certain highways right now and the governor himself telling people to stay off the roads.

This time last year, Id gotten a nasty gram (masking as a general announcement) that people shouldn’t decide to work from home just because they couldn’t see more than a mile and was stuck in their driveway because of the foot of densely packed snow covering it and the roads. Buck up, people. What? So you got stuck halfway to work and was afraid you’ll crash? Wow. Uh. Well. Come in anyway. Gotta be a team player, you know.

Obviously, I prefer the east coast way of doing things, even if i don’t have a garage this year and am really not looking forward to eventually digging out my car.

New London, CT

Three day weekend! Justtwomorethings and I took advantage of the MLK holiday to make a quick trip up to New London, CT. It’s one of the towns that we always pass on the way via Amtrak to see each other, so we thought we would check it out.

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New London was a big place…once upon a time. That time being the colonial-1800s or so era, when New London was quite the hub of the North American whaling trade and seaport. Alas, it was rather left behind in the ensuing 200 years (though the downtown is attempting to gentrify) but you can still see bits of the history preserved in various places.

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Probably the best place to get an overview of the town’s history is the Custom Maritime Museum downtown. There was an elderly gent at the front desk that was happy to give us a quick personal tour, despite us arriving close to closing time. It’s not a large building, but manages to pack in a surprising number of subjects, from the whaling history of the town, the lighthouses (complete with cute little scale models and even a former lighthouse light lens), naval knotwork, a working customs office, library, and Amistad exhibit. Well worth the visit, particularly with a guide that clearly knows a lot, enjoys this knowledge a lot, and enjoys imparting to others this knowledge (especially interesting nuggets about New London’s importance in the Amistad affair, which was, to our guide’s considerable chagrin, left out of the movie).

For dinner Saturday night, we actually left New London for nearby Mystic (justtwomorethings rented a Zipcar, which was an adventure in itself to get to, but did let us see the local college campus). Mystic’s downtown is a little further on the economic timeline of gentrification, so we wandered around a little bit before heading to the main attraction – Mystic Pizza. Yes, as in the movie with Julia Roberts. It’s still around, and still serves a decent slice (if on the greasy side), complete with thick milkshakes (which tasted like a Wendy’s Frosty on steroids, to justtwomorethings’ surprise and delight) and an enormous slab of homemade apple pie a la mode (to mine).

Justtwomorethings: The Zipcar was a half-hour away by walking, according to Google Maps.  What Google Maps did not take into account is that you have to cross a number of highways, which require detours in order to find pedestrian walkways, plus climb some significant hills, to get there.  Thankfully, the winds died down.  It was very cold but not freezing.  Also, a Frosty from Wendy is loaded with God knows what, I know, but it is a cherished part of my childhood nonetheless.

Holidays 2014

Like Thanksgiving, justtwomorethings and I (and the melon) flew home for the holidays. This time I managed to get a groupon for a charter service out of Morristown–it actually ended up cheaper (since I didn’t have to pay extra for the melon) and included parking, 1 checked bag, and breakfast in the fare. Also, I didn’t have to go through security, and could show up only 30 min ahead of departure.

Our parents greeted us with more wonderful food (including some cute Xmas cookies). Mia, on the other hand, was not sure whether or not to be happy that more human servants were around, or dismayed that the melon keep following her around to tweak her tale and naps kept getting interrupted by forced snuggles/cries of how cute she was (it’s very hard to be a pretty little kitty).

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On Xmas day, we always opened our presents in the morning and then trooped off to the movies in the afternoon. Our parents and I saw the last Hobbit movie–justtwomorethings saw something else, as The Hobbit was her least favorite book. But the day after Xmas, the parents and justtwomorethings took a weekend road trip to Wisconsin in search of cheese and beer while I stayed to look after the cats. I didn’t mind–it was relaxing and I got to cuddle them 🙂

New Year’s Eve and Day were low-key this year–no traveling, so we all got to watch the televised festivities at home in comfortable PJs before exchanging kisses and drinks when the ball dropped (Mango was not pleased to receive a boozy kiss from his mom, and ran away; Mia hid in the guest room).

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