V-Day Weekend: Red Velvet Oreos, Pink Hair & A Tiny Kitty

The only male I curled up against this Valentine’s Day was my fuzzy melon, but we had sushi, Red Velvet Oreos and Netflix, so it was actually pretty awesome:


Earlier in the day, however, I experimented. I have never dyed my hair–no, not even highlights–because I am actually quite content with my natural color. But I was curious about trying a bright colors, so when I found temporary dye on clearance I grabbed some. In honor of the holiday, I tried pink this weekend.

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By far. the hair chalk was the best. Its more a dynamic, shocking pink than the claimed “Dusty Rose” but the color goes on bright with one swipe and is buildable. The hair dye, on the other hand, was a disappointment. It comes in a tube that squirts out a neon pink the look and consistency of arcylic paint–you basically get a bunch on your hands and goop it on. However, even almost half a tube doesn’t come much brighter than a pink tint rather than true pink color on my dark hair, and it itched where it got on my scalp.

Both, however, wash out very easily and don’t stain. Soap/shampoo helps, but all you really need is some water.

Sunday, I went into the city to eat brunch with a friend despite the ridiculous cold. On the way back I stopped in a pokey little pet shop. I was attracted more by the cute name than anything (Spoiled Brats) but was delighted to see a itty bitty kitty wiggle out from under a shelf and present a tiny cheek to scratch. Alas, it was too shy to let me snap a pic of her face, but I did feel obliged to buy some overpriced cat treats because the kid at the cashier was nice enough not to give me funny looks for spending the last 10 min following and cooing over the store kitty.


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