Chinese New Year 2015: Food!

Last weekend was Chinese New Year (ok, technically Thursday was) so justtwomorethings and our parents came to NJ to celebrate with me. The melon was ecstatic and spent the first bit running around, trying to sniff everything and everyone and get into justtwomorethings’ luggage.

In case you haven’t guessed by now, FOOD is a big thing with our family, so we spent the weekend stuffing ourselves. Our best two meals were at Penang and Fatty Crab though. I first took our parents to Penang after picking them up from the airport – we’d never eaten there before, but its right next to the nearest sizable Chinese grocery so we gave it a shot. That was a good idea, because it was quite good and deemed fairly authentic by our Penang-born dad.

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Fatty Crab is in NYC. Justtwomorethings and I ate there before, but arrived too early for the dinner service. The bar apps were pretty good though, so we made a reservation for dinner this time. Fatty Crab is more Malaysian-inspired than the true on Malaysian of Penang, but still quite good. Especially the crab of the restuarant’s name–I had trouble with the shell, but the curry sauce was amazing.

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