DIY: Painted Flowerpot!

Aviary Photo_130733433962709874

I bought a new plant recently. I don’t have the most stellar record with houseplants, but the little parsley was only $1.99 at the local grocery, so I figured what the heck. So far, it has survived the melon nomming on the leaves starting the day I brought it home, so I guess its going to stick around for a while.

The only problem was, the flowerpot I have is too small. So this weekend I stopped by a nearby garden store. The plain terracotta pots were the cheapest, so I picked one up for less than $5. Its kinda boring though, but I have a bunch of acrylic craft paint leftover from paint mad phase I went through in middle/high school.

Originally, I had some mad geometric idea, but crafts never end well when i get too ambitious, so instead I did a spin off of this. Super easy–wipe the pot down, mark off your pattern with masking tape, and paint! And the good thing about water-based acrylic is that it is easy to wash off or paint over if I get bored with it.

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