The things I do for kitty…

…are ridiculous, I know.

There’s a cherry tree in my neighborhood, and it’s beautiful. I pass by it every time I run, so today I picked up a few of the lovely blooms that had fallen to enjoy back home. The melon was predictably curious, but as a precaution I looked up cherry blossoms online…to find they may cause cyanide poisoning.

Ok, so its may rather than will, and kitty would probably have to eat a lot, but I’m even more paranoid about the fuzzy’s safety than my own and yanked the flowers out of his mouth (he was not pleased). There isn’t anywhere else in my apartment that kitty can’t get to so…into the fridge they go.

Aviary Photo_130743127783481961

Sigh. It’s a good thing he is so cute.


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