Roadtrip: Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

Coeur D’Alene is this odd cross between college students summering over and retired folks enjoying life.  There are high-end art galleries downtown with beach-bum kids in flip-flops, random street art and tattoo parlors.

Coeur D-Alene - street corner crop

Decorative housing for some utility box, Coeur D’Alene, ID

I ate dinner at Crafted, a gastropub near the lake.  The evocatively-named Lips of Faith pluot ale was slightly winey (and sort of light and dry, like the foretaste with no after) and not sweet, thankfully, and a nice beer for the end of a very hot day.  It did not, however, go too well with the garlic fries, although the fries themselves were addictive, with some sort of garlic-cheese confetti piled on top of shoestrings.  The Sam I Am burger (beef patty, smoked pork loin slices, fried egg, green chili salsa) was oversized, slightly more medium than medium rare, and they probably should have stuck two fried eggs on it since the lone egg only covered half the patty.  Tasty, didn’t need the pork loin–which was dry–but it was impossible to eat with your hands.  Knife and fork, and you feel very frou-frou about it given the laidback setting.

Airbnb place was unremarkable, no special history, but very roomy compared to the last couple places.  Everything else in Montana/North Dakota is huge, but oddly, the houses aren’t.  It’s only now that I’m starting to see big sprawling McMansions again.

Quick Weekend Trip

While justtwomorethings is crossing states off her list, she asked me to check on her apartment. So this weekend, I Amtrak’ed up to Providence. Given that the only vehicle I had were my own two feet, didn’t do anything crazy–just walked around enjoying the sunshine (pleasant at an easy 70 degrees).

I did run into this little Portuguese Festival in the evening though. It appeared to be just starting–the band was just setting up–but the food stands were taking orders so I grabbed something for dinner. I had this thing called a “St. Michael Bihana”–which turned out to be the Portuguese version of a BBQ chicken sandwich. It wasn’t bad–the sweet of the chicken BBQ went well with some spicy mayo and offset by a light, crusty bun. There was also this dessert–the espresso mousse part was good, but the almond cookies it was layered with are too soggy by the time you make it to them (was tempted by the doughy goodness of…something that they were frying in a giant vat next door…but these were HUGE, too big for 1 person).

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I also was in the mood for a movie, so ate my dinner while watching the live action Cyborg 009-1 on Netflix. Alright, I wanted something stupid and ridiculous but…wow. Well, the movie is clearly catering toward a specific audience. And if questions like “Why would a spy wear bright red leather?”, “How on earth does she reload those machine-gun breasts?,” and “Does every single injury really result in you spouting 8 pints of blood from your mouth?” bother you, you are not that audience.