Roadtrip: Sequoia National Park, CA

Short post today.  Driving across the (drought-stricken, yellowed, baking, kinda like interior Washington) California interior involves a lot of dust, which of course kicked off my allergies.  Benadryl cleared it up, but had me waking up groggy and sluggish, so I decided I’d cut down on the driving and just devote the day to wandering around Sequoia National Park.  Might as well get all the huge tree species in America while I’m at it (there’s a third species of giganta-tree, the dawn redwood, but it’s in China).

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Sequoia forests aren’t quite as majestic and quieting as redwoods are.  Redwoods tend to crowd close together, for whatever reason, and they’re huge, so they really don’t leave much space in between the enormous trunk columns, but sequoias are much more spread out (more forest fires thinning the herd?), with skinnier pines interspersed between.  That lets in more light, and also seems to let the birdsongs carry–tons of birds today, and lots of little chipmunks and ground squirrels that were too quick for a photo.  The shaggy bark of the pines tends to lift off the trunks, allowing the chipmunks to hide under them and just poke their heads out every so often to look at you.  However, a lone mule deer (?) was randomly grazing by the road right next to a park highlight, the General Sherman tree (largest tree in the world), so I’m back up on large land mammals.