Roadtrip: Omaha

Slow day today.  I was pretty exhausted after South Dakota and constantly running around to figure out hotels late in the day, so I took a short trip from Sioux Falls to Omaha, Nebraska.  Airbnb is back to having reasonable listings for the area, and I got a place a couple blocks from Gerard Ford’s birthplace, in a turn-of-the-century American Foursquare house.  A mile away is the historic Old Market district, which now hosts the usual mix of art galleries, restaurants and boutiques fronting the cobblestone streets. It’s a good nine square blocks, quite a bit larger and more intact than many of the historic districts I’ve seen on this trip, and notably missing any souvenir shops.

Old Market, Omaha, NE

Old Market, Omaha, NE

I got some eating recs from my Airbnb hosts and proceeded to leisurely stroll the district all afternoon.  Old-fashioned ice cream shop and soda parlor Ted & Wally’s had some borderline odd ice cream flavors (peppermint schapps sounds delicious, but anything putting Redbull into ice cream is wrong) and real, operating, old-timey ice cream barrels churning away in front of you.  I had a “green river phosphate,” something like a Sierra Mist flavored Italian soda, which was nice and sparkling.  Dinner was at the Upstream Brewery, with their Koopa Troopa Kolsch (a little more bitter than nutty), fish and chips (batter was too thick and tended to fall off the fish, disappointingly, but the cucumber salad side was a great summery twist on the usual coleslaw), and house-brewed root beer float, which was the highlight, very smooth and creamy even before the ice cream was factored in.

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