There are a few traditions we always follow for Thanksgiving:

  1. We go to our parents’ house.
I flew via Ultimate Air Shuttle again–and got really lucky this year because my later Xmas flight is free courtesy of a BOGO deal they have going on and the flight home only had 6 people with a cat-loving flight attendant. So she let me hold Mango in my lap during the flight!! The kitty is still not fond of air travel, so this really helped.
Aviary Photo_130935762977374066
2. We eat tons of food
Which always include pumpkin pie, homemade cranberry sauce, Chinese sticky rice stuffing and a roast chicken (we’ve tried turkey and that never turns out right; the chicken is always awesome). This year we also had fish. YUM.
 Aviary Photo_130935763575397097
3. See a movie.
This year was Spectre, the new Bond film. It wasn’t bad, but not up to snuff really, compared to the previous Daniel Craig outings. Honestly, it didn’t seem like Daniel Craig’s heart was really into the whole being Bond thing anymore, the supposed romance with the new Bond girl was a rush job that annoyed me (esp. because she was set up as more than just an in-mission fling, and Vesper Lynd she was not), and the villain just wasn’t as scary after Javier Bardem’s Silva. Nice to look at though.
4. Put up the Xmas decorations
Which consist of stockings, some wreaths for outside, and putting together the tree. Yes, putting together, because to avoid the whole potential fire hazard issue (and the fact that shed tree needles can perforate kitty intestines, should they attempt a nom), we have a fake tree that gets assembled every year. Hey, once all decorated up its pretty good.
Aviary Photo_130935771628334949

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