Cox Arboretum, Dayton, OH

As terrible as the weather has been, it’s also been warm enough to make it awkward to be a couch potato the whole winter holidays.  Also, even as people originally from the Midwest, there are only so many times we can go to the mall.

So the other day we took a trip out to Cox Arboretum to stretch our legs.  We’ve both been there before, but years and years ago as children, and like all such places, it differs significantly from memory.  Mostly in a good way: the observation tower was a good step exercise, and also offered great views of the surrounding park.  With the fog and a little imagination, we could even pretend it was a dreary English moor, or something slightly more atmospheric than the reality.

The park was, predictably, almost free of visitors, and pretty barren, but here and there we found little dots of color.  I’d like to return–although in the spring.

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