NYC: Food Courts & Momofuku Ma Peche

Justtwomorethings moved back to the city recently, so when her birthday came around a few weeks ago, I hopped on the train to go see her.

The eating theme of the weekend seemed to be Asian Fusion. Well, ok–the first place she took me for dinner that first night was pretty straight up Korean food court–my bibimbop was good (I was so hungry I forgot to take a pic before I destroyed it) –but Justtwomorethings’ dessert from Spot Dessert Bar came in this cute little flower presentation.

Justtwomorethings: It was delicious, too, with airy layers of cheesecake and berries under the cookie “dirt,” and a little pot of rose-flavored milk to pour over it.  The rose was, thankfully, not overwhelming, which always is a problem with flower flavors.

Aviary Photo_131085198766309753

Lunch the next day was at another food court, this one by Grand Central. It had more variety, with a mix of Mexican, French, New England, Japanese etc food stands. We opted for a true Asian Fusion taco place, where the food comes in a cute little bento box.

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In addition to a cute little kitty to keep her company between visits to Mango and me (you can’t see it, but it also “breathes”), I took her to dinner at Ma Peche. It’s an offshoot from the famous Momofuku base chain of eateries–the gimmick here is Chinese/French cuisine presented dim-sum style. I don’t really think it worked.

The charm of dim sum is that you have a rotating bunch of servers working the room, and you never know what little goodies they will have on their cart (or, in this case, serving tray). This place only had 4 rotating dishes, 2 of which we didn’t even get to see until the end of the meal because the servers didn’t appear to know how to evenly circulate the room. Not that we minded, because 3 of the dishes appeared to be salads anyway.

Well, at least the food we did have (though Justtwomorethings’s drink was a little sweet for her taste) was good.

2 thoughts on “NYC: Food Courts & Momofuku Ma Peche

  1. We wholly agree that some of the Momofuku outlets are more successful than others! We’ve heard good things about Spot Dessert Bar so we’ll have to check it out – our favorite dessert places are Dominique Ansel Kitchen (not the bakery where the cronuts are, but where made-to-order desserts are served) and Chikalicious. That kitty is adorable! 🙂

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