Family Trip: Olympic National Park


If otters were my must-see, Olympic National Park was Justtwomorethings’s.

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Family Trip: Seattle Aquarium

Our trip to Seattle was my second time (that I can remember, the first being when I was a baby), and entropyenator’s first time.  I was there just a year ago, but even in such a short time, the cityscape has changed quite a bit, with Amazon’s geodesic headquarters going up.

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Family Trip 2016: Seattle & Pike Place

Now that we are all in separate states–me in NJ, Justtwomorethings in NY and our parents in OH–it takes a great deal more effort to get together. While we still spend Thanksgiving and Xmas together, we also have been trying to do 1 family trip somewhere for a week during the other 75% of the year.

Last year was Hawaii–this year, we decided to try Seattle.

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