Family Trip 2016: Seattle & Pike Place

Now that we are all in separate states–me in NJ, Justtwomorethings in NY and our parents in OH–it takes a great deal more effort to get together. While we still spend Thanksgiving and Xmas together, we also have been trying to do 1 family trip somewhere for a week during the other 75% of the year.

Last year was Hawaii–this year, we decided to try Seattle.

Justtwomorethings and I came in a day before our parents on a red-eye out of Newark–it was cheaper for us and we saved further with another airbnb in nearby Burien. While the last place wasn’t bad, this place (seriously, there were business cards) stepped it up a notch in terms of professionalism. It was a pity we only got to stay there one night–the next morning we got up early and took the bus into Seattle.

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Justtwomorethings: The whole place had a very retro-60s, eclectic feel, and was located so close to the airport that our taxi didn’t even need to hit the highway.  It also came with a pet turtle, who seemed very interested in the outside world.  On the other hand, getting into the downtown area was sort of a production.  We were able to ride one bus line straight in, but it was a long ride, nearly an hour.

Turtle staring out glass wall


Our parents’ flight came in the afternoon, so we met them at the hotel before taking the 10-15 min walk over to Pike Place Market for lunch. For some reason I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as packed as it was, but I can see why its popular–Mom was sorely tempted by these giant bouquets of flowers a fraction of the cost you’d see elsewhere.


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