Family Trip: Seattle Aquarium

Our trip to Seattle was my second time (that I can remember, the first being when I was a baby), and entropyenator’s first time.  I was there just a year ago, but even in such a short time, the cityscape has changed quite a bit, with Amazon’s geodesic headquarters going up.

But the important things first – entropyenator is not big on flying, but I convinced her that Seattle was a good idea in (huge) part because of the Aquarium.  Namely, the Aquarium’s otters:

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The Aquarium is involved in sea otter rescue, which can be seen in the fact that one of their current resident otters is sadly missing a hind foot.  But generally the five otters are very photogenic and seem quite happy with their toys.

Entropyenator: I had never been to Seattle so there wasn’t anything on my list of must-sees…other than sea otters. Justtwomorethings has been talking up this fuzzies for months, and I really wanted to see them.Seattle Aquarium isn’t big, but it packs enough in a small space. You had your usual tanks of sea fish and touch pools, but there were also little penguins and puffins, and…otters. Round faced, round pawed fuzzies that floated and gambolled in front of you like maniacs. Love!

And some of its other cute animals:

Of course, the Aquarium has a lot more going for it, not the least its convenient location near Pike Place Market, which allows for easy refueling after your visit.  The Aquarium is really pretty compact, considering how much they pack into their exhibits, but still, after walking around and playing with the anemones at the touch pools, you get thirsty.  I, for one, enjoy having a nice, cool, artisan ginger beer after seeing the fish.  Or even better, a tasty Moscow Mule, on tap at Rachel’s, which made for a very easygoing stroll back to our hotel, while observing the countless local businesses advertising Pokemon Go stops along the way.

And then entropyenator sort of flopped onto the bed and snoozed, and that was more or less it for the day.

Entropyenator passed out with stuffed crab on head

Jet lag and too many fuzzies

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