Family Trip: EMP Museum

The full name of the EMP Museum (Experience Music Project) is a little misleading since it covers the latest in pop culture in general and not just music. Probably why it usually goes by its initials, though there is a cool little music studio on one of the floors where you can actually record your own songs.

The museum, like pop culture, is ever changing but the exhibits on site when we went ranged from clothes as art…

Fiction genres (was too scared to check out the horror section)…



and Nirvana.


As  a museum, I will give props to the quality of the exhibits. They must have an artist on staff or something because talk about really really cool looking. The stuff they had on display were also pretty top notch, like real movie props that were actually used in Star Wars or Lord of the Rings and not just “this was an extra” or “this is a replica.”

But as to the content…popcorn. There were a few standouts –the clothes as art for example–but the rest not so much. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun, but it seemed a little shallow. For example, the fantasy exhibit was all Classic High Fantasy by white men and very little mention of female authors (even long established ones, like Jane Yolen, Andre Norton or Anne McCaffrey). Actually Urban Fantasy or the New Weird are more common in bookstores these days, but any mention of those? Nope. I really felt like they could have done more.

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