DIY: Car Paint Scratches

So I’ve had my current car for almost 2 years now, and never had a garage during that time. Plus, I live in NJ, which has even worse roads than Michigan (didn’t think that was possible). So the paint job has gotten a little beat up–plus I scraped the corner of the bumper during a vacation this summer.

So I decided to do something about it. The problem is, getting it done at the dealership would cost hundreds and regular body shops not much less.

So…I consulted the Google.

There are a few sites online where you can buy touchup paint and fill in the scratches yourself. I went with Automotive Touch-Up, as it was rec’ed on several sites.

After answering a few questions to match the color to my exact year, make and model of car, I ordered the paint (cost $15+$8 shipping) and waited a couple weeks. While waiting, I also picked up a DIY car scratch kit from the store ($15).

I will say that for most scratches (thin, hairline ones), you probably don’t need the paint. The DIY car scratch kit did the trick.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For the bumper scrape, it was serious enough that the paint was required. It wasn’t an exact match–my car color has faded somewhat from the factory. But I was just looking for something that would keep moisture from soaking in and rusting the metal while also making it less of an eyesore, and the paint did a good enough job. I also have plenty leftover for the future. Not bad for less than $50 total.



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