Ann Arbor Art Fair 2017

Every couple years, we make a pilgrimage out to the Art Fair, so we can blister our feet in humid, skin-scorching weather. But the art is always great, with prices that actually are affordable, and the set-up is (equally important, in my opinion) unpretentious.

High art sits next to stands selling kitchen gadgets. You can buy art to look at, or art that you can use: I have some beautiful and beautifully functional pottery pieces.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ann Arbor itself seems to have four or five new buildings every time I visit. So far, high rises notwithstanding, it still retains that small college town feel, but even old favorites like The Jolly Pumpkin have shifted locations. And then there are new places like Ma Lou’s in Ypsilanti (we decided that the chances of getting a quick dinner in Ann Arbor itself weren’t great), which is hipster enough to be popularizing Nashville hot chicken. Though overhearing the owner say they discontinued the homemade horchata due to lack of demand says it isn’t that far off the Midwestern roots I remember.

And then there is Zingerman’s, which no matter how they expand, still comes down to those sandwiches. Here’s a take on the Cuban with genuinely nose-clearing mustard.


Nothing to do after a sandwich like that, except go back and make like family cat number one (just to be clear, both beds are for her):


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