Happy Lunar New Year!

CNY 2014 by entropyenator

CNY 2014 by entropyenator

Threw on a new sweater dress this morning, took off from work early, and ate at the Teriyaki and Korean House in Providence.  Truth in advertising with the name there.  The bubble tea was meh, probably the first time I’ve felt cheated on how many tapioca bubbles I got (and they weren’t fully soft, but were still hard in the center).  The bento box was nothing special, but a good deal for the amount of food at $9.99, and the squid sauce was flavorful with just a little heat.  I know I should be eating fish if I really want to be traditional, but that was the closest I saw on the menu.

Decor: My Office

As promised, my (somewhat transformed) office space.  In an ideal world, I would also have a less dingy file cabinet, a comfy chair (or futon), and a small table, but I think we’ll wait for next year before I invest that much into this.  Still, I think it looks much more personable than before, as you can see below:

I did take the two pottery pieces in, and you can just see them (red circles).  There are cubicles just outside of my office that make it hard to stand somewhere I can get a good shot of the whole office, but I think these adequately demonstrate the acres and acres of empty wallspace I used to have.

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The geometric print is by Rick Loudermilk, and the graphic print is by Chuck Wimmer.  Both were purchased at the 2013 Ann Arbor Art Fair.