Apple Picking! Pumpkins too.

I went apple picking for the first time last year and definitely wanted to go ahead this year–since Justtwomorethings is hanging out with me, I took her along.

Sun High Orchard in Randolph was the place again. It was a little full, given that this is Columbus Day weekend, and the weather, though starting to dip toward the cold side of fall, was sunny and not too chilly yet. We picked out pumpkins first–and since I had someone to help me this time, I got a big one plus 3 little ones for my front steps. We also picked up a caramel apple and some apple cider from the storeĀ before checking out the little bunnies (actually quite big) for the kiddies in the front.

The apple picking itself was a little disappointing. I went a little later this year than last year, but the one variety I wanted–Crimson Crisp–was very picked over already. Practically nothing was left on the trees! I had to scrounge around a little on the ground–thankfully, the ground is moss-covered, so enough apples had fallen unbruised that I could fill my bag. They taste as good as I remember though — very sweet, with ruby red outsides and bright white insides.


Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations are pretty low key this year, since the place I am living doesn’t really have a porch and the front yard doesn’t belong to me. I didn’t even paint the pumpkins I got because there is no place to put them outside that the rain doesn’t get to (and rain we got TONS of this past week). But I did pick up 50 cents worth of spooky tinsel from a rummage sale a couple months ago to go around the door, and celebrated on my own with a bottle of Broomstick Brew and a little pumpkin spice cake šŸ™‚