NYC: Food Courts & Momofuku Ma Peche

Justtwomorethings moved back to the city recently, so when her birthday came around a few weeks ago, I hopped on the train to go see her.

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A Birthday and MBA Graduation Weekend

Aviary Photo_130438087624263532

The last class of my MBA was in early April. I worked really hard to turn in all my final papers, projects and exams early so I could leave that weekend having absolutely nothing to left. I was so damn giddy about this that I then spent the next week or so grinning like an idiot and doing silly things like making lists of all the productive things I could now do with my free time…and then not doing any of them.

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Birthday Weekend

I took a break from the stress that is my life at the moment and spent last weekend visiting our parents. It was very nice to see them, the other fuzzy, and have something substantial to eat for a change. Mia-cat was not pleased to see Mango-cat, but she did grudgingly allow some fuzzes and skritches. Mom and Dad took me to dinner at Rue Dumaine on Saturday, and it was delicious as always. I had a glass of Merlot and some yummy, buttery wall-eye, as well as some birthday cake 🙂

I got some pretty nice presents as well, courtesy of the parents and justtwomorethings: some cute work clothes from The Loft, a pair of new winter gloves (as I am perpetually losing mine), a cashmere scarf, and a book by The Oatmeal that I have been wanting for a while.

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