Family Trip: EMP Museum

The full name of the EMP Museum (Experience Music Project) is a little misleading since it covers the latest in pop culture in general and not just music. Probably why it usually goes by its initials, though there is a cool little music studio on one of the floors where you can actually record your own songs.

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A Gift at Work

As I already mentioned, I love cats. I like all animals, but something about those fuzzy, pointy-eared faces make me melt. Most of the time, I own the “crazy cat lady” moniker. After all, I am subject to spontaneous snuggling and exclamations of “great, grand, SNUGGA-FACE!” in the presence of kitty (to Mango’s dismay), and cats are awesome. But you really know you’ve gone off the deep-end of cat adoration when your boss cleans her basement, comes across a book of cat stories, and then, instead of throwing it away or donating it, gives it to you at work.

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Cue squirm of embarrassment.

Though that didn’t stop me from reading it during the lunch hour. I mean, cat stories! Also, James Herriot, who occupies a comfortingly folksy, quaint, British space in my head as he strides across the Yorkshire countryside to see with gentle humor and compassion the vet needs of the equally quaint and folksy denizens. There are worse ways to pass the time.