A Friendly Halloween

Halloween! Alas, I live on a busy main street, so the traffic keeps all the cute little ghosts and goblins away. I’m saddened by this, as this was one of my favorite parts of the holiday once I stopped trick-or-treating myself (I’m talking about little kids dressing up; teenagers who show up with no costume at all and still expect  to get pillow cases filled need no apply).

Also, my birthday fell in the middle of the work week this year, and I was not able to take the day off because of everything else going on. So, you know, boo. (and I don’t mean in the fake scary way).

So this weekend, to cheer myself up, we went to Friendly’s.

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Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations are pretty low key this year, since the place I am living doesn’t really have a porch and the front yard doesn’t belong to me. I didn’t even paint the pumpkins I got because there is no place to put them outside that the rain doesn’t get to (and rain we got TONS of this past week). But I did pick up 50 cents worth of spooky tinsel from a rummage sale a couple months ago to go around the door, and celebrated on my own with a bottle of Broomstick Brew and a little pumpkin spice cake 🙂

Halloween Decorations!

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It’s officially fall now, which would be my favorite season if it wasn’t for the fact that winter follows it. But with fall comes Halloween, and I do like Halloween. In our family we don’t actually carve the pumpkins but rather paint them. I picked up these two on the cheap ($2 for the big, $1 for the small) from the local Farmers’ Market last weekend for some cheerful decorations. I also swapped out my usual kitchen curtains for more appropriate ones using cloth napkins a friend got me a few years ago.

The leaves haven’t quite started changing yet, so I don’t have any pics of their full blazing glory, but my under-the-window blooms are still holding strong.