Hawaii: Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center was on Mom’s list of things to do, so we booked a trip via the hotel concierge. The package included general admission, guided tour inside the Center, roundtrip bus fare (the Center is at the opposite end of Oahu), seats at the Luau Dinner and show, and seats at the evening Polynesian show Ha: Breath of Life.

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Hawaii: Big Island Volcanoes

When asked what she wanted to do on Hawaii, justtwomorethings immediately said “Volcano!” Alas, to her (and surprisingly, our dad’s) disappointment, we did not get to see anĀ  actual eruption or moving lava flow. It’s not allowed because we’d probably be dead from the toxic gases, suffocating ash and extreme heat if we were in a position to see that sort of thing.

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