The Jane Hotel

While in NYC this past weekend, we stayed at The Jane Hotel. Usually our go to for a quick one-night stay is one of the Pod Hotel’s two locations, but that was all booked up (we think due to Santacon).

The Jane was built in the early 1900s–originally as a boarding house for sailors–and management have consciously kept a lot of the old, historical stuff, like the checkered tile in the lobby, old fashioned bellman uniforms for the staff, and weird things like a stuffed peacock on the wall:

A lot of the quirks too, like cabin-like rooms with bunkbeds and shared shower/bathrooms down the hall (this sounds dorm like, but everything is much cleaner than your dorm ever was).  There are even real porthole windows in the doors.

(Justtwomorethings: Space is even tighter than the Pod Hotel, with less than a yard of maneuvering room in front of the beds, and the bedroom to bathroom ratio is way, way higher, something like thirty double rooms per bathroom.  And no detectable wifi signal in our room.  On the other hand, the towels are better quality, it’s an awesome location if you want to hit up the lower part of western Manhattan starting from West Village and going down, and they provide free water and individual bathrobes and slippers in the room.  Overall, the place runs on charm and the odd whimsical luxury; I’d still favor Pod Hotel on getting the most out of my dollar, but The Jane is a fun Plan B.)

The in-house restaurant, Cafe Gitane, continues the theme, with more quirky decor (this time a stuffed alligator on the wall), with a decidedly colonial French/African, sailor/maritime look. The menu certainly is an interesting mix–my orange blossom waffle with bananas and strawberries was a little disappointing (though the syrup in an old ammonium hydride bottle was cute), but justtwomorethings’s baked eggs with Merguez sausage and tomatoes was delightful.

Memphis: The Peabody Hotel and Ducks

Peabody Hotel: I didn't know anybody still (unironically) used these

Peabody Hotel: I didn’t know anybody still (unironically) used these

If you ask people what is the most luxurious hotel in Memphis, invariably the Peabody is mentioned. And it is pretty darn luxurious, with dark woods, gleaming brass and a freaking indoor marble fountain. Being on a budget, justtwomorethings and I did not stay there ($300-$400+ plus a night being a little out of our price range), but the Holiday Inn Downtown Select was right across the street (it is a perfectly nice hotel as well, as already mentioned in justtwomorethings’s last post).

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