DIY: IKEA Box Hack

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I had a lot of scrap paper left after making my jewelry box, so I looked around my apartment and spotted my dull IKEA boxes (Kassett), which suddenly seemed in dire need of some color.  A little Modpodge glue later, I had myself some jazzed-up storage.

DIY Project: Closet Shelves Remix

Alternate shelf processed

Following up on my first attempt, I tried using more prestain with my second shelf to see if that would help with the feathered edges and with masking-tape removal.  No difference that I could tell.  I think if I do this again, I’ll go with paint, since that should sink less deeply into the wood than tinted stain.  But overall, I’m pretty happy with my shelves.  Masking tape turned out to be a really cheap, easy, fast way to create striking patterns and I’m certainly smiling when I look into my closet.

DIY Project: Closet shelves

I recently moved into a new apartment that has about half the shelf-space of my last place, and needed shelves in the closet.  At IKEA I spotted some cheap unfinished nightstands, and, remembering that I still had a lot of tinted wood stain left over from another DIY furniture project, snapped them up.

Most of my current stuff is solid colors.  I’ve got some nice colorful pieces, but I wanted an actual pattern, not just color-blocking.  But I’m not that experienced with wood, so I looked around for an easy way to make patterns and thought of masking tape.  The first layer went down before staining, and then I stained, did a second layer of stripes, and stained again.  Somewhat mixed results: the stain leached under the tape, which both made that difficult to peel off and resulted in feathered edges instead of the clean stripes I was hoping for.  But after staring at it for a while, I think I like the imperfect borders.  They make the plaid pattern more casual and fun.