Meow Parlour

Meow Parlour is NYC’s first cat café–a concept brought over from Japan, where living conditions are even more congested than NYC. Sometimes housing units are barely big enough for people, let alone a fuzzy, so city dwellers visit cat cafes to get in their kitty time instead.

Meow Parlour is tucked away in a little corner on the lower East Side, near Chinatown. Its been open for about a year, and yet I hadn’t made the pilgrimage. Surprising, I know. But given the MLK three-day weekend and the fact we were in the city anyway to have lunch with our cousin who lives in the area, it made sense to fix that.

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While we were home for the holidays, we got some visitors…of the fuzzy kind.

Mango, predictably, was very very interested in this quartet of squirrels. According to our parents, they are a little family unit that includes our backyard in their territory. But my god…they were fat little things. When they sat down, they looked like little fuzzy cones. I kinda got why kitty so obviously wanted to go after them (he did not, of course, I kept him indoors). I haven’t seen squirrels this fat since Michigan…though these were cute little gray squirrels instead of the ginormous fox squirrels you get there.

Labor Day

I went home to visit the parents this past Labor Day weekend, taking the kitty with me. The kitty was not pleased about the plane ride, but did perk up a little in the car on our way to my parents’ house–Mia, on the other hand, alternated between annoyed glowers and resignation the whole weekend.


This weekend, as opposed to other trips home, was fairly low-key. It was just too god-awful hot to do much. We did attempt to go to Kettering’s Holiday at Home street festival on Sunday, but only stayed long enough to chuckle at the ridiculous kitty t-shirts and see the goats before heading back for blessed air-conditioning.

My dad did do his barbecue again, which was amazing, as always 🙂


Home for the Fourth

I went home for the Fourth, packing up the melon for a ride on Ultimate Air Shuttle again (and they are running a BOGO special this summer, so I get a free flight in 2 months, score!). Mango was, to say the least, not a great fan of the experience, but to me it sure beat paying extra for parking, going through the terrible security lines, and having to get up 3 hours earlier than the actual flight time.

Its been about 6 months since I’ve been home, and I think that’s the limit of the kitty memory. Save for Mia. Mango had almost forgotten everything else, but he instantly recognized his little auntie and made a beeline for her furry face–much to Mia’s vocal dismay.

But I did do other stuff besides watch live kitty TV in the house. Every year our hometown shuts down the main road to put on a street fair. Most of it is what you expect from a Midwestern street fair, but its fun and there were some newcomers this year. Also, the fair food–where else are you going to get chips on a stick? Dad also did his awesomely yummy grilling–with an Asian spin, which means thin slices of beef and pork are marinated in soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil, oyster sauce, jam and other secret goodness that Dad makes new everytime. This year we also grilled corn and peaches, which took in the smokiness of the meat cooking at the same time to add an extra dimension of deliciousness.

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The things I do for kitty…

…are ridiculous, I know.

There’s a cherry tree in my neighborhood, and it’s beautiful. I pass by it every time I run, so today I picked up a few of the lovely blooms that had fallen to enjoy back home. The melon was predictably curious, but as a precaution I looked up cherry blossoms online…to find they may cause cyanide poisoning.

Ok, so its may rather than will, and kitty would probably have to eat a lot, but I’m even more paranoid about the fuzzy’s safety than my own and yanked the flowers out of his mouth (he was not pleased). There isn’t anywhere else in my apartment that kitty can’t get to so…into the fridge they go.

Aviary Photo_130743127783481961

Sigh. It’s a good thing he is so cute.

Holidays 2014

Like Thanksgiving, justtwomorethings and I (and the melon) flew home for the holidays. This time I managed to get a groupon for a charter service out of Morristown–it actually ended up cheaper (since I didn’t have to pay extra for the melon) and included parking, 1 checked bag, and breakfast in the fare. Also, I didn’t have to go through security, and could show up only 30 min ahead of departure.

Our parents greeted us with more wonderful food (including some cute Xmas cookies). Mia, on the other hand, was not sure whether or not to be happy that more human servants were around, or dismayed that the melon keep following her around to tweak her tale and naps kept getting interrupted by forced snuggles/cries of how cute she was (it’s very hard to be a pretty little kitty).

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On Xmas day, we always opened our presents in the morning and then trooped off to the movies in the afternoon. Our parents and I saw the last Hobbit movie–justtwomorethings saw something else, as The Hobbit was her least favorite book. But the day after Xmas, the parents and justtwomorethings took a weekend road trip to Wisconsin in search of cheese and beer while I stayed to look after the cats. I didn’t mind–it was relaxing and I got to cuddle them 🙂

New Year’s Eve and Day were low-key this year–no traveling, so we all got to watch the televised festivities at home in comfortable PJs before exchanging kisses and drinks when the ball dropped (Mango was not pleased to receive a boozy kiss from his mom, and ran away; Mia hid in the guest room).

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Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving and Xmas are the two holidays that our family always celebrate together, in person, at our parents’ house, so Justtwomorethings and I flew home for the holiday. And yes, family includes the kitties, so the melon came with.

This was his first time on a plane–poor little melon was very scared and nervous around the crowds, but he was very good and quiet, and even got smiles from the TSA officials at the security checkpoint. Then he got spoiled rotten by our parents (less so by his little fuzzy auntie Mia, but Mango is content to just stare at her adoringly in a slightly stalker-ish fashion).

Aviary Photo_130619544396252534

The Thanksgiving dinner (well, actually lunch) was delicious as always. The yummy stalwarts of Dad’s roast chicken and Mom’s stuffing and cranberry sauce was there, but Mom added homemade mashed potatoes, guacamole and cherry wine into the mix. Needless to say, we passed out in a food coma for the rest of the day.

The only thing good about cold…

…is the added incentive for kitties to snuggle up against the nearest warm body.

It’s actually getting a bit warmer over the next couple days, but the reprieve is shortlived–they are already using the dread words “polar vortex” to describe temps this winter. But when a warm, fuzzy body comes to snuggle next to you (sometimes even wiggling under the blanket), settles himself, and then lets out contented little snores…it’s not so bad.

New York Kitties!

Like Justtwomorethings said, she came to visit me last weekend. Aside from Sleepy Hollow, we also spent some time in NYC. While Justtwomorethings got a haircut, I wandered around. And found…kitties!

(I really don’t know why she was so surprised. People ought to expect this from me by now)

The first kitty was a pretty little tortie. It was a tiny thing between kitten and adulthood, and clearly on a mission–it trotted up to us, fuzzed my hand, and then darted off in search of food, playthings, or both too quickly for me to snap a pic.

The next one was more accommodating. A spice shop near the hair salon had a handsome cow-spotted male (appropriately named Myrrh) sitting in the window. He took some time out from his staring contest with the dog outside to love on me a bit.

The final one wasn’t nearly so friendly, but just as handsome. His name was Oreo and he lived in community garden a couple blocks over. Oreo was profoundly unhappy that day because his favorite gardener hadn’t come because she was recuperating from a fall. In typical kitty fashion, he proclaimed his frustration loudly. Still cute though.