Family Trip: EMP Museum

The full name of the EMP Museum (Experience Music Project) is a little misleading since it covers the latest in pop culture in general and not just music. Probably why it usually goes by its initials, though there is a cool little music studio on one of the floors where you can actually record your own songs.

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Food and a Movie: Kaju Tofu House, Boston, and American Hustle/Wolf of Wall Street

Work has ramped up a lot in the first few weeks of the year, but the weather certainly hasn’t made me feel that guilty about staying inside.  Man, it’s been gross out.  Yesterday I hit Newbury Street in Boston for some shopping, expecting a light drizzle, and instead got a weird mix of half-and-half clumpy snow and rain that eventually became a full-on snowstorm.  I’ve never used an umbrella in a snowstorm before, but yesterday it was necessary if I didn’t want to get drenched and then end up with hair icicles.

This, of course, meant it was time for spicy Korean:

Kaju Tofu House specializes in tofu soup, which has a base of savory, rich soup and pillow-soft tofu chunks.  You get to choose what meat you add to it–I went with pork intestines, which ended up being deliciously tender and silky, little melt-in-your-mouth tubes that weren’t funky or chewy at all.  Just a couple chomps and they’d just dissolve on your tongue.  And the banchan spread, as you can see, was quite respectable.  Warm and filling and good.

I’ve also been catching up on my movie-watching.  Of the two, I prefer American Hustle over Wolf of Wall Street.  Both are comedies of excess, mocking a particular time and place centered around people’s greed and their inability to see past it, but American Hustle remembers that the base of really good comedy is a sense of tragedy.  It has moments where you understand that it’s funny because it’s genuinely painful, these characters’ lives.  Wolf of Wall Street has no such foundation.  And for the life of me, I really can’t see how that, even, is of any note.  It’s a well-shot movie.  Is it the grossest, most extreme depiction of rich people going bananas?  Er, no, not by a long shot (just watch an episode of Real Housewives).  Does it convey any sense of going downhill?  No–even the spousal abuse and a very rapey sex scene were somehow downplayed to just queasiness.  I don’t know, I was expecting more from Scorsese and this was just…tame.  Which was the only surprising thing I found about it.