Moving to Morristown

I got a new job, so after July 4th I packed up the kitty and drove to Northern New Jersey. There was a little bit of trouble about when my stuff was arriving, and the AC in my new place is old, a little creaky, and took a long time to get going, necessitating some…creative solutions to keep cool:

Those are ice packs

Those are ice packs

Morristown, and Northern New Jersey in general, is said to be the nice part of Jersey. So far this has turned out to be true. The people are a little more impatient, a little less laid back, and a little less apt to smile and shoot the breeze than Michigan–but surprisingly not by much. Morristown itself is rather like Ann Arbor, if Ann Arbor had 10x as many hills and was squished together.

Alas, the rent is unfortunately just as expensive as expected, if not more so, and there is less of a yard for the melon to wander in, but so far we are liking it here.

Moving: Storage Pods


I have a fair amount of experience in moving residences, having lived in five different places in college, completed one interstate move and one (short-term) international move.  It’s gotten much more organized, but it never gets to be that much less of a pain.

For this move, I’m trying out a pod storage/delivery option.  Briefly, the pod company drops off a pod–a shipping container, basically–you fill it up with stuff, they pick it up and store it in a warehouse till you want it, and then they deliver it to wherever you’ve moved.  It’s not for same-day moves, but seeing as I wanted to squeeze in a roadtrip before I moved into my new place, that works out fine for me.  I don’t have to drive back to my old apartment and then go down to my new one; I can just pack up, go on vacation while my stuff is in storage/transit, and then end my vacation at my new place.  It should also end up cheaper than a same-day move, since economies of scale mean that the pod company charges a flat fee for transportation.  A same-day mover, on the other hand, would charge by the hour and given traffic between my origin and destination cities, I could end up with a huge overrun in costs.

But there are downsides–namely, at the moment I’m dealing with three companies instead of just one.  I am hiring people to load/unload at both ends (so, two companies, plus the pod company), because I live by myself and because the places on both ends are apartments located in urban areas, so you have a limited window of time to park your chosen moving vehicle (as opposed to a house with a driveway, where the pod can just sit for a couple days).  One end isn’t that difficult but the other has been a pain in the ass to find bonded movers, as the landlord demands.  So at this point, I’m thinking this option really works best if you’re planning to load your own stuff and/or you don’t live in the middle of the city, but the ability to just have my things out of the way while I’m on my vacation is still putting this up on a same-day move.