Boston-Salem Roadtrip: The In-betweens

Between Boston and Salem lies Malden, MA, where we stopped off for some tasty Szechuan at Fuloon.  The mapo tofu was definitely spicy, not for the faint-hearted, but also had a ton of flavor so it wasn’t just burning off the top few layers of your tongue.  Tea-smoked duck (not pictured) was meh, but the buffet had some neat tidbits like tiny steamed buns filled with pork.

Between Boston and NYC is New Haven.  We ended up on Wooster Square semi-randomly after just searching yelp for a lunch place, and had delicious, not-too-salty, just savory enough anchovy pizza at Anastasio’s.  Also appreciated the mini stromboli (?) tucked into the bread basket.

Roadtrip: The House of Seven Gables, Salem, Massachusetts

The House of Seven Gables.  Nathaniel Hawthorne was one of the few “classics” I enjoyed reading in high school; his work had a thread of sardonic humor that teenage me appreciated, although wading through the morality lessons was still a pain.  So we stopped by–cheap admission, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic docents, and plenty of Gothic touches.  The cat (“Pete”) is for a certain person who takes kitty photos wherever she goes.

Roadtrip: Salem, Massachusetts

Went to Salem, Massachusetts over the weekend.  It’s a bit too early for tourist season, so many attractions were closed, but on the other hand, we had the town almost all to ourselves most of the time.  I’m not really one for gimmicks, so I was glad that we only spotted two people dressed up as witches.  Salem is much more atmospheric without all the dress-up anyway, with tons of colonial-era houses ranging from quaint to ramshackle to potential horror-movie set.  The weather helped out with a dose of drizzle and chilly winds.