Sakura Season

I heard at work that NJ has more cherry trees than Washington D.C., and they are prettier. Having been to D.C. during cherry blossom season, not sure I agree with that, but the blooms at Branch Brook Park near Newark sure are pretty.

The place was pretty packed owing to Easter Sunday–everybody seemed to bring a picnic basket. The blooms were coming down from peak–recent rains and winds seemed to have de-petaled about half of the delicate flowers. But the park’s variety worked in its favor as there were still plenty of cherry blossoms to go around. You had your standard round five-petals, but then tiny, silvery-pink stars; thick, almost magenta clusters, and bright white ones.

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The things I do for kitty…

…are ridiculous, I know.

There’s a cherry tree in my neighborhood, and it’s beautiful. I pass by it every time I run, so today I picked up a few of the lovely blooms that had fallen to enjoy back home. The melon was predictably curious, but as a precaution I looked up cherry blossoms online…to find they may cause cyanide poisoning.

Ok, so its may rather than will, and kitty would probably have to eat a lot, but I’m even more paranoid about the fuzzy’s safety than my own and yanked the flowers out of his mouth (he was not pleased). There isn’t anywhere else in my apartment that kitty can’t get to so…into the fridge they go.

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Sigh. It’s a good thing he is so cute.

Weekend in the City: Tribeca Film Festival

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Spring! And it actually felt and looked it!

Last weekend, Justtwomorethings and I were in the city for the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival.

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I had just spent the last two weekends stressed out over a very important presentation, so I was ready to relax. The films we wanted to see were in the evenings, so that left most of the day free to walk around. Union Square is always a staple, though we resisted buying food at the Farmers Market so we wouldn’t have to carry it around (though I was tempted by the world’s tiniest radishes).

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Random street art (with felt pigeons) is always fun too.

Lunch was at Momofuku. I hadn’t eaten there before, but it’s an NYC attraction. The apple and bacon chutney thing was a little disappointing (decently good, but not a standout) but the Momofuku O.G. bowl and roast duck were very yummy. As was the Thai tea cake, though it could have used a little softening up. The tamarind top layer was nice and bright, balanced out by the smooth almond cheesecake-y base.

Justtwomorethings: Momofuku Ssam Bar.  Apple and bacon kimchi, actually, and the problem was that although the apple slices looked like they’d been kimchi’ed, in reality they didn’t taste the least bit like kimchi spice.  Great idea in theory (spicy heat playing off the sweet apple), poor execution.  And the Thai tea cake was just a little too chilled to sink a spoon into easily.  Roast duck, as always, was delish.

Our evenings, on the other hand, were spent in the theaters. Justtwomorethings is better at film reviews than me, so I’ll leave those to her. But I did get to see 4 famous people during my first TFF though, so that was cool. Alas, I did not get an autograph from any. We were too far away from Katie Holmes and Nadia Comaneci, Amber Heard was swamped, and Christopher Walken booked it to the door 😦

Justtwomorethings: For the record, the only autograph I would have been interested in was Christopher Walken (Nadia Comaneci is cool, but I’m not into gymnastics).

Kitty Climber

Spring has started to poke its little nose from behind the cold of Winter. Most of the snow in my yard is gone, the sun has come calling, and the temps have crawled within sight of the average.

A couple times this past week I was even able to take the kitty out walking in the backyard again. The melon was ecstatic at being able to explore beyond the confines of his front-door tie out. Between roaming around and teasing the dogs on the other side of the fence, he scrambled up a few trees. I still had the leash on, so he couldn’t get too high, but it was high enough that he enjoyed his new viewpoint thoroughly.

With Spring comes the Shedding

I have a soft, rather squishy spot for cats. Among many many other things, I like the fuzz. I will deal with the vacuuming and the lint rolling and everything else as long as I can skritch the little kitty faces and occasionally bury my face in their belly floof.

(justtwomorethings, who is unfortunately allergic, will often look at me in horror. so do the kitties, but they run the rest of my life so just allow me the floof, ok?)

But with spring comes warmer weather and the shedding. Mango is a shorthaired kitty, thank god, because this is what I pulled off of him yesterday.


And that was one brushing!

April Showers bring May Flowers

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Literally, as there was a ton of flooding last month and this month is bursting with blooms. I love spring here, it almost makes up for the slog of the winter months. In my backyard there are two (two!) huge lilacs, one purple and one white, as well as several patches of lovely violets and assorted other wildflowers. Pity the kitty is color-blind and can’t see all that I can…