Simple DIY Laptop Case

DSCN15800008 DSCN15790007 DSCN15780006

Well, more of a sleeve, really.

I got a new laptop and needed a new case too. They sold one at Best Buy–but for $39.99. That seemed a little ridiculous to me, given that it was basically a slightly souped up cloth envelope.

So I returned it and got into my fabric scraps. It’s basically just three layers (two outside and then 1 for inside for added padding) sewn together and then folded over on itself. I got this down in a couple hours–if you have a sewing machine and don’t have to do everything by hand like I did, it would probably take you less than an hour.

It’s not the most high-falutin’ thing, but it gets the job done, is much cuter than anything else I could find, and FREE.

Birzzle: actually quite cruel but strangely addicting

I am fast becoming addicted to this app, Birzzle. Think Tetris, but with exploding birds instead of blocks. It is actually rather cruel, as the hapless birds are quite adorable but completely helpless to avoid their fate as feathery time bombs, but…damn is it fun.

I tell myself that at least their ends are quick đŸ™‚