Simple DIY Laptop Case

DSCN15800008 DSCN15790007 DSCN15780006

Well, more of a sleeve, really.

I got a new laptop and needed a new case too. They sold one at Best Buy–but for $39.99. That seemed a little ridiculous to me, given that it was basically a slightly souped up cloth envelope.

So I returned it and got into my fabric scraps. It’s basically just three layers (two outside and then 1 for inside for added padding) sewn together and then folded over on itself. I got this down in a couple hours–if you have a sewing machine and don’t have to do everything by hand like I did, it would probably take you less than an hour.

It’s not the most high-falutin’ thing, but it gets the job done, is much cuter than anything else I could find, and FREE.