2015 Winter Storm Juno

Image from weather report on consumerreports.com

It’s not like I’ve never dealt with snowstorms before–I spent most of the last 8 years in Michigan, so I know snow and I know snow. I mean, I even have different coats, boots and gloves depending what kind of winter I’m dealing with (cold, windy, snowy, or all three).

But for some reason, my first blizzard on the east coast seems so much more…intense. Maybe because the population is so much denser over here? My work starts sending warnings about early closure/full on closure the early the night before, snow and blizzard specific ads started playing over the TV and radio this weekend, and I just saw on the news that it is considered a crime to be on certain highways right now and the governor himself telling people to stay off the roads.

This time last year, Id gotten a nasty gram (masking as a general announcement) that people shouldn’t decide to work from home just because they couldn’t see more than a mile and was stuck in their driveway because of the foot of densely packed snow covering it and the roads. Buck up, people. What? So you got stuck halfway to work and was afraid you’ll crash? Wow. Uh. Well. Come in anyway. Gotta be a team player, you know.

Obviously, I prefer the east coast way of doing things, even if i don’t have a garage this year and am really not looking forward to eventually digging out my car.

The only thing good about cold…

…is the added incentive for kitties to snuggle up against the nearest warm body.

It’s actually getting a bit warmer over the next couple days, but the reprieve is shortlived–they are already using the dread words “polar vortex” to describe temps this winter. But when a warm, fuzzy body comes to snuggle next to you (sometimes even wiggling under the blanket), settles himself, and then lets out contented little snores…it’s not so bad.

Weekend Trip: NYC

Popped into NYC for a quick weekend of shopping and hanging out with friends.  Naturally, the weather gods decided to flip on the wet, windy, icy, blizzard:



Yes, that is a waterfall in the very back.  Query what that water bill must be like to keep it from freezing.

I did see the drunkenness that was Santacon attendees rambling all over the place, but ditched photographing that in favor of some more touristy sights (since hey, I’m once again one of them):

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Winter Savings Tips

So it’s cold. It was cold before too, and somehow got freaking colder. Seriously, it hurt to breathe outside, with temps this weekend in barely teens and below. The kitty was nuts and demand “OUTS” Sunday but after 5 minutes scurried inside to lick his poor little frost-nipped feet.

But heat is ridiculously expensive, especially given that my place has obscenely old, single pane aluminum windows that do the rattle thing when the wind goes by. So here’s what I do to save money…

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So we had our first cold snap and snow this weekend. Like seriously, really REALLY cold–I got back from a trip Friday night to find my car window covered in icy frost that I had to scrape off (once I dug the scraper out from my backseat). It’s been barely double digits (and frequently single digit wind chill) the past two days, so I have been mostly holed up inside, getting house chores and some reading homework done. I have regular work to do too, as I finally got a new work computer last week, but the remote access didn’t transfer.

As I have been bouncing all over the last few weekends, I didn’t mind. But Mango wasn’t traveling, so what precious little kitty patience he had with being cooped up inside ran out today. So I made him wear his little coat (justtwomorethings, stop laughing, it’s cute, it was only about 5 bucks at Target, his winter chubb is not quite enough to cut it, and just be glad I resisted the adorable reindeer costume with the antlers) and he trotted outside for some fresh air.

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I made him go back inside after 30 min though. Didn’t want those white muffin paws of his get frostbite!


From the Diary of Mango:

Don’t know what date it is. Something called the “weekend” where human stays at home, and some season called “summer” where human wears less fur substitutes and we can go outside for walks. I like walks, because can survey my kingdom and sniff stuff. Also attempt to kill and eat anything I can fit in my mouth like those feathery tweet-tweet thingies, fuzzy hop-hops or furry chitter-chitters, but human does not like this for some reason. She did not react well to attempts to bring home take out with the grey squeak-squeak or the stripey squeak-squeak.

But it is HOT. Human has only let me out a couple times this weekend, saying that she is afraid the sun will fry my brain. Make token scratches at the door but give up easily. It is too hot to move, and I flop on the floor. Learned that human will freak out and rub a cool towel over me if I give her Imploring Look ™. But this is tradeoff because human thinks I look “so cute” when all stretched out on the floor that she whuffles my tummy. Wonder if heat is baking human’s brain as she seems to think everything I do is “so cute”, and frequently ambushes me with kisses and to “fuzza-face” me. Is annoying but am too floppy to do more than kick at her lazily, but then she plays with my feet. Try Imploring Look ™ for food but does not work for some reason. Maybe used it too often when was kitten.

Human attempts to cool down by lying on floor with me by fan and eating ice cream. Take revenge by licking at ice cream when she is not looking. And her toast. And her fried egg sandwich. And her ice water. Hah! But human retaliates with more aggressive snuggling. Run away to top of cat tree by A/C unit.


Mother Nature decided to follow Father Time (or got out of the moody funk she was in) and grace us with actual nice weather. Its been sunny and in the 70’s and even 80’s (at least today) all week–the kitty and I have been taking full advantage of it.

The only problem is now I actually have to start hunting for a window A/C in earnest, this being my first summer without central A/C…