A Birthday and MBA Graduation Weekend

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The last class of my MBA was in early April. I worked really hard to turn in all my final papers, projects and exams early so I could leave that weekend having absolutely nothing to left. I was so damn giddy about this that I then spent the next week or so grinning like an idiot and doing silly things like making lists of all the productive things I could now do with my free time…and then not doing any of them.

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Michigan Stadium

Oddly, I have only been to the Big House once, and that was¬†to attend a¬†graduation, not for a game. I’ve certainly never had a chance to walk out on the field. So I was sort of looking forward to the tour that our MBA professor arranged. I admit to not getting as much out of it as the more sports-mad classmates (we even have a former UM football player with us), but it still was pretty cool.